Saturday, 27 May 2017

Instruments for Discipline & Punishment For Sale

Some more items from My training room for sale.
Click here to see items available.
 buy My toys equipment and used personal items

slave Saturday

Now adding slave pics to My Onlyfans page.
Pics will be posted for this weekend and then taken down.
Also on Onlyfans this weekend, a reward available to My favourite fan/sub completing 11 tasks for Me by Sunday 4 June 2017.
 Mistress Eleanor Only fans page

Saturday, 13 May 2017

My New Only fans Page

I have started adding My photos to Only fans. you can view My page here.
I will add one of My photos to My Onlyfans page everyday, along with a task for you to complete.
Prove your submission to Me. Join today to start straight away, work hard for Me and show humility.
Good subs and slaves will receive great reward.
Anything less than good, will receive punishment as My response.

 Mistress Eleanor - Only fans

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Quiet Blog

I've been so busy with My current slaves since My recent holiday, I've neglected a few online things, such as My website, My blogs and My twitter.
I have been looking in on Twitter most days, and replying to the least pathetic of your begging emails. The rest of you, I simply have not had the time to waste on you. My online slaves in training have been kept busy, and kept Me amused.
Thank you to My current owned slaves, for being loyal stayers. The last 12 months has renewed My faith in decent slaves' existence, following a rather long spell of online timewasters.
It always pleases Me to hear from decent slaves, offering their services, time and money to Me.

I will update My blog soon with what I have been doing over the past few months. I have been collecting photos and making notes on some of My sessions, real time and online, for My own pleasure. I will share some of these with you when I have the time, and the inclination, to do so.

Mistress Eleanor

Sunday, 12 February 2017

slave Masturbation Application

Dear Mistress Eleanor,
i wish the very very best day for my Mistress, Mistress Eleanor. Nearly 2 weeks i've been in Your service and i give all my free time to serving my Mistress. i try my best to finish all twitter tasks and my other duties. I'm very grateful for the tasks I receive from You. i believe with Your training i will be a better person and a better slave for Your service. As You ordered Your slaves, Tuesday is application day to apply for our masturbation rights. i'm here for serving You Mistress Eleanor and the most important thing for a slave is Your pleasures. As You say, pleasing You is my top priority, for this reason the purpose of my masturbation is to be not to give me pleasure, but for Your amusement. i don't wear a chastity belt, but i think for you to control my orgasm You do not need a chastity belt, as i know the penalty of disobeying Your orders is being dismissed from Your service. A slave like me that wants to be Your lifelong slave will never disobey You. If You allow it, this will be my first masturbation in Your service and this is very important for me. This is the first time in my life i have not masturbated for 2 weeks, and this very hard for me. Especially when i am given a writing task about Your feet photos. i'm very weak against Your perfect feet and i adore Your perfect feet Mistress Eleanor. During the task most of time i am erect and i use an ice bag to fix this problem. Yes, its very painful for me, but slavery is not an easy job. i hope this week i deserve this honour. Masturbation is a privilege for a slave and i beg You on my knees for this honour. i don't know what will be  Your decision, but "Mistress Eleanor knows best always".
Best Regards
Your slave

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Applications for Online slave Training

Applications for online training have been quite frankly pathetic recently. From those of you that think it is ok to expect My time for nothing, to those who do begin training, only to find themselves being dismissed for continuous lack of concentration.
I do not expect you to promise Me the earth, as I already know you cannot give it. But, if you do tell Me that you will do something, I expect that of you at least. I have no interest in owning slaves that cannot follow a basic instruction, or worse, say that they understand and then fail to carry out their promises. I only every train a slave within his limited capabilities, but if you tell me you are capable of much, and then do little, you are either lying to Me or lying to yourself. Neither of these things will allow your training to progress.
I will request information from you following your initial application. Answers to My questions must be given truthfully. As well as being truthful about your time and capabilities, I also do not expect you to tell Me you are submissive and then continuously refuse to cooperate. If you are a masochist, say so. Believe Me when I tell you that I have no problem at all dishing out beatings and torturing nipples and genitals for fun. But, if you say you are submissive, your tasks will be set accordingly, and if I think you are disobeying Me simply to get punished, I will just dismiss you.

So, rules;
1. Be honest, always. I cannot and will tolerate anything less.
2. Do as you are told. What you are told will be based on the type of sub I want you to be. And what I want you to be will be based on the information I get from you, rule number 1.
That is it. Two rules. Not difficult.

Here is a link to My page to begin your online training
Complete the task set on the page too. Send it to Me with your application, show Me that you are serious.
Send Me your enrolment fee via Gift Rocket to email address

you can send Me a gift, purchase My items for sale, or request My photos using this same link. you can get your humiliating photos published on My pages with this link too.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Online Work Available - slave Position: Twitter slave

slave Position: twitter slave

There is a slave position available as My twitter slave.

Duties include:
tweeting and retweeting My tweets, retweets, and your own tweets as instructed by Me
follow and followback tweeps of interest as instructed by Me
tweeting My pics, retweeting My twitterpics, and commenting on My twitterpics
tweeting your own pics, as instructed by Me
other weekly twitter based tasks as instructed.

Write to Me at: to apply.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

sissy tiffy reviews her pissy sissy training

 sissy tiffy's online sissy slave training review
i have been in training now with Mistress Eleanor for over a year, and She has been a wonderful Mistress. My own requirements are to serve on-line in short bursts (as i am married) and She has accepted this, and deals with me accordingly. In my case, the training is as a chastised, sissy slut, food dump and urinal- but i know that She will work out exactly what you require, and work on pushing your boundaries. She has really got inside my head, and uses and abuses me in exactly the way i need. Some of what She has done to me has surprised me, and i now desire exactly that abuse. Trust Her to do the same for you. i cannot recommend Her strongly enough. you won’t look back. If you want to see some of Her work, look on Her website, or twitter. you will see me being abused right there. sissy tiffy

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Online Work Available - slave Position: Researcher

slave Position: researcher

There is a slave position available as My online researcher.

Duties include:
finding items for Me on the internet
finding information for Me on the internet
finding websites and articles of interest for Me at My request
keeping research data records

Write to Me at: to apply.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

slaves Follow My New Twitter Account

Tribute Me via via Gift Rocket to email address before requesting to follow Me at My new twitter account unless you are already My owned slave.
you may tribute Me any amount using that link, there is no minimum requirement.

This twitter account is for My slaves, subs and sissies to share their task experiences and photos with other slaves, submissives and sissy gurls. What is shared will be decided by Me. Photos and tweets can be sent to Me either via your twitter account by including @Myonlineslaves in your tweet, which I will retweet, or privately by sending Me the image to My email or by DM, which if shared, will only be seen by followers of the account.

I will also share photos of Me that are not seen in any of My other accounts, on twitter or anywhere else, as well as some that are My slaves’ favourites from My websites, blogs and on other places on the internet. My followers will be allowed to leave their messages on all My photos.

My main twitter account can be followed by anyone at any time.